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Welcome to the Telehealthcare and Medicine Today (TMT)Product Directory. We believe companies and/or products featured bring the passion, integrity and innovation required to move the needle of the industry and may also demonstrate or help realize cost efficiencies in the marketplace.

Devices and products featured in this section of the journal include instruments or apparatus, which through digital or other means, is used in promoting health and wellness, education, diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or conditions. Listings include viewer and user ratings and reviews from TMT's audience. We ask you are honest and transparent with your comments. Do not product bash, and be prepared to offer evidence of called upon to back claims.

For inclusion, send submissions to the Publisher at, and include the information below:
1. 250 word max brief description
2. A product photo or logo
3. All relevant data links to support and claims including awards, press, and reviews

The fee for a 6x insertion is $500.00 US. See Advertising button for additional information.

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